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Dr. Theresa Ashby


Dr. Theresa Ashby has dedicated her efforts to helping companies and individuals enter the billion-dollar e-learning and digital product market. She helps her clients use digital products for business sustainability, scalability, and success-ability. The time for you to enter the digital arena is now!


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Laura Neubauer

"Passionate Disrupter"

Laura Neubauer’s is a Serial Entrepreneur. Her life’s work is to help others create business opportunities that are passion driven and disrupt the status quo. In today’s world, the best way to sustain and scale a business being a part of the billion-dollar e-learning and digital product market.


Laura Neubauer Speaker Info

"If you are looking for experts to come TACO about how to digitize, systemize and scale a business. Laura & Theresa will infotain your audience!!"