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Our Course Creation  Coaching is a quickstart program to help you create your own online course.

A hybrid of video content plus live coaching sessions to take you through our systematic course creation process.







EVERYTHING you need to know to create your own online course!!

  • Develop your course business plan
  • Create a successful course outline to structure your course
  • Identify components and enhancements that will add value to your course
  • Understand how to name and price your course
  • Learn storyboarding & scripting
  • Learn Tips & Tricks to produce your course
  • Discover what LMS platform is best for you

FORBES predicts the eLearning industry

will be at over 400 billion dollars by 2025!

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CEO RIX International
I have shared to share my experience.
I used the info and am working with a colleague to  create my first eCourse in our Diversity At Work Series!  Yaaaaaaayyyyy!  And we've already started on the next one!
But that ain't all! (Big BIG SMILE!)   I included my course in a proposal for an organization looking to train 550 people!!!!  Double yaaaaaayyyy!!!
Thank you again for all that I gleaned from your course.  
One of the greatest benefits is intangible:  Confidence.
Continued success!
CEO RIX International