At Kaleidoscope Media Services, we work with coaches, consultants and business leaders who want to grow their business through adding a digital product to their offerings, automate their systems, position themselves as experts and thought leaders, and grow their business.

We have assembled a team with diverse talents in real life business experience, scalability, technology, design and the expertise in course creation and digital product development.

We know the do's and don’ts of creating, developing, and producing a digital product. We take the frustration and overwhelm out of the process.

We can help you build your business and the lifestyle you deserve.


CEO & “Passionate Disrupter”

Laura Neubauer is a serial entrepreneur. Her life’s work is to help others create business opportunities that are passion driven and disrupt the status quo. In today’s world, the best way to sustain and scale a business is to be a part of the billion-dollar eLearning and digital product market.


COO & “Stratologist”

Dr. Theresa Ashby has dedicated her efforts to helping companies and individuals enter the billion- dollar eLearning and digital market. She helps her clients use digital products for business sustainability, scalability and successability. Anyone who has a powerful message, can create business results that are reliable, repeatable, and worth celebrating.