Our Highly Anticipated Book!


Our Highly Anticipated Book!

Systematize Revenue Streams

Through Automation

If you are investigating ways to grow your revenue and expand your customer base, and don’t know how to fill the gaps, this book is for you.

Exposing the eLearning Mystery shares step-by-step secrets to creating eLearning products that can lead to better results and generate more revenue for your service business in a shorter timeframe with more profits.

You’ll discover ways to scale and automate your business without being overwhelmed. Ultimately you will gain more free time, increase your influence,

and build the lifestyle you want.


This book makes a compelling statement about how creating digital products can be used to leverage growth in one's business, without "overwork". The authors, Theresa & Laura, use their vast experience and knowledge to provide a formula for building a business by adding digital products and demystifying the hype of making millions by only selling eCourses. It's truly brilliant.


Founder & CEO of Pierce Media

A must-read for anyone looking to scale and systematize their business and gain time back in their day. This book takes a fresh perspective on how to scale your business by adding digital products and automating your business.


CEO, 3 Dog Write

America's Digital Content Futurist

Author, Grow Your Market Share In A Zombie Apocalypse

Most unsettling is that even when you identify what it will take to survive—for most—it is difficult to figure out where to start. In this book, Theresa and Laura successfully take you through a proven formula to quickly move into the future of leveraging digital products. They share the importance of knowing your revenue model, creating a growth business model, and creating a digital eCourse that supports scaling your business. I love the eCourse they helped me create called 6 Ways to Fund Your Business!


Producer, Founder She Angel Investors, Angel Investor Women's Funding, Angel Investing, Author

Co-Founder SHE ANGELS Foundation

Host of Invest in Her Podcast, Tedx Speaker

Technology has impacted many industries worldwide—sports, finance, healthcare, academics, consulting, and non-profits—and allows for scaling services globally quickly. Learning from the lessons in this book and working directly with the authors, Laura and Theresa, we are on our way to making a global impact through our on-demand training and education programs, certification programs, and mentoring programs. Through offering eLearning courses and other digital products and leveraging automation, our clients learn transformational skills to help them achieve self-sufficiency and worth.


Former NFL Player with the Seattle Seahawks

President of NFL Players Association (NFLPA)

Orange County Chapter

CEO & Founder of the 1st & Goal Project—Nonprofit

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